5 reasons why drones are completely changing the construction industry forever

By Andrew Vlachopoulos

About 260 years ago, the Industrial Revolution brought about a shocking technical, economic, social, and cultural modernization. For the first time, technology, through its correct and centered use, managed to rapidly improve, among other things, the construction sector. Those were the years of change and evolution!
Reaching today, we are once again facing a great moment of technological innovation. A change that can revolutionize the construction sector and the way contractors, workers, and technicians can achieve significant achievements in a short period of time with immediate effect, avoiding mistakes and mitigating high-risk situations.

But of course with the assistance of drones!
The flying machines that came to change everything forever!

1) Significant time savings – Secure information – Secure investments

The valuable data collection in a short period of time provided by drones through mapping, allows potential investors to learn what they need for the potential investment space and thus maximize the chances of a controlled and profitable investment in a very short period of time and at a very low cost to the investor. Additionally, thanks to the ability of drones to fly at very high altitudes and also being able to easily approach points difficult for humans, it is now possible for a constructor to know in detail what potential issues he may encounter during construction, before construction begins, saving huge amounts of money and hassle for constructors. Drones, due to the photos and videos that they can take with great clarity, can give 2D and 3D images of the entire construction area or a specific point that we want to control or analyze.

-A recent detailed Technology Driving Innovation report by Goldman Sachs estimates that drone use is expected to increase in the US agricultural and construction economics sector. In these two sectors, the main function of the drone is location research and mapping.-
Use drones to learn in detail the potential of a construction area.

2) Site control-Save time -Critical elements-Important decisions

With the use of drones, it is possible to be constantly informed about the course of the construction site. What goes well and what doesn’t? What are the possible issues that may arise?
Through routine daily flights, drones can provide live photos and videos while work is being done. This allows managers and engineers to supervise tasks without having to be present at the point where they are performed. Thus, the right decisions can be made based on the information that managers and engineers receive from the continuous data and images coming from the drones. This feature saves valuable time every day, allowing work to be completed on time without unforeseen delays, keeping the budget at the estimated levels.

-Building materials prices have increased 12.2% year-to-date after climbing 4.5% over the same period in 2020.-
Each mistake costs! Avoid them by using drones for your project.

3) Collaboration improvement

Perhaps the most important element on which the successful completion of construction depends on is the proper collaboration between the people in charge and subordinates. Through the taking of photos and videos in an organized and easy-to-navigate space, as well as live information and communication, the use of drones can give investors, employers, and workers the opportunity to come into direct communication and collaboration based on corresponding images and reports received through drones.
For example, a snapshot is indicating a technical fault on a construction site, is sent immediately to the managers, who in turn inform the subordinates by showing them what is wrong along with the correction instructions.
All of this within minutes!
With so many different types of contractors coming in and out, site condition changes, weather changes, and more, it becomes vital to keep an eye on the big picture. And drone photographs provide that big picture view.

-Recent research has proved the importance of improved collaboration and communication in construction in order to reduce costs and expenses.
-Improve significantly the communication and collaboration during a construction procedure with the help of drones.

4) Security-Surveillance-Continuous Control

One of the most important issues facing construction companies today is frequent thefts and vandalism. As mentioned above, building materials have increased considerably in recent years. Any potential loss can lead to even greater damage due to the cost and significance of the loss.
Especially on large construction sites, the cost of monitoring by employees is high and often low efficiency. Large areas require a lot of people to be able to be monitored safely, and even using safety cameras regularly has blind spots and defects. A daily scheduled control via drones can control space from beginning to end by monitoring what happens after work hours. This use can significantly reduce delinquent behaviors. Thus, problems that could delay or cause financial damage to a construction site can be avoided.
-The most recently released statistics from the National Insurance Crime Bureau and the National Equipment Register reveal the cost of construction site crime to be between $300m and $1b annually.-
Use drones as a precautionary measure to secure your constructing area.

5) Reduce Safety Risks

Construction sites can often become dangerous places. The chances of an accident occurring are increased when it comes to inspecting a difficult area. Due to tight standards and the involvement of insurance firms in the event of an accident, the safety implications of the construction site tend to become a burden for construction companies.

The solution is feasible and, in fact, very specific. Keep people on the ground. With the use of drones, it is possible to control an inaccessible point immediately and safely from any danger, while the plethora of photos and videos shows exactly what is happening and what can be avoided. This reduces accidents to a great extent, saves significant time, and does not affect the flow and planning of the construction site.

-Falls is one of the most common causes of injuries in the construction industry.

-Prevent potential injuries! Use drones for any difficult task.


We can now understand how drones are part of the current revolution in the field of construction. Mapping, digital mapping, risk prevention, improving communication and collaboration, frequent security checks, and theft prevention are key reasons why drones are now essential to any constructing business. All this is done at a very affordable cost, especially if we consider how many prospects and data could be offered to potential investors, managers, contractors, and employees, but also how these elements could heavily contribute to the normal development of the project according to schedule.
The evolution of the way construction companies treat their projects has reached a critical point once more and those who exploit it in the right way are going to see the benefits immediately, with significant financial profit.

Welcome to the new era of construction!
Welcome to the new era of drones!