Hi, my name is Shane; I’m the owner and founder of Hawk-Eye Visuals LLC. I was born and raised here in Appleton, Wisconsin, and I’ve always been a creative, outgoing kid. Growing up in a rural area has its ups and downs and often had me bored in my room thinking, “What do I want to do in this lifetime?” Once high school was over, I dipped my toes into all kinds of industries to see what it was that I liked to do. One day I took it upon myself to go out and buy a camera off Facebook Marketplace and start shooting photos wherever I was. Thus, Hawk-Eye Visuals was born out of my passion for photography and videography. I’ve always loved being behind the camera, shooting whatever my heart desires. With that, I wanted to bring my skills to the next level, so I went out and bought a drone to get a new perspective on my work.

After flying the drone numerous times, I was amazed at how advanced the technology was, and I fell in love with it. Since then, I’ve been researching the internet top to bottom, learning everything there is to do in the drone industry. I learned that drones are being used to save lives and even help businesses be more efficient. This had me hooked… Knowing that I could use a drone to help real estate agents upsell their current listings, help construction companies with their pre-and post-construction projects, and even help farmers increase their yield by 200%. Solving modern-day problems with drones has been addicting. Drones are the future, and as time goes on, we only find more issues that they can solve.