By Andrew Vlachopoulos

Welcome to Wisconsin State!

Located in North America’s Midwestern region, sharing its coastlines with two of the Great Lakes, Michigan, and Superior, Wisconsin is a major dairy producer and is often referred to as “America’s Dairyland”!

But you haven’t visited Wisconsin just for its location and its healthy dairy products!

As a genuine drone pilot, you are looking for some adventure! And this adventure lies in Wisconsin’s beautiful skies and landscapes.


You’ve checked the next day’s weather forecast and a beautiful smile has been formed on your face!

A beautiful sunny day is on its way, but your time is limited…

Don’t worry!

Below you can find 5 of the best places for a drone flight in the state of Wisconsin.

Cause Wisconsin hides some real “drone treasures”!

Time to shine your drone and head off for some treasure hunting then!

1. LAKE GENEVA – Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva is a resort town located in southeastern Wisconsin in the United States.

It was founded in 1836 with gristmills and sawmills built from its foundation’s first days.

The city’s natural lake was created about 10,000 years ago and gave incredible beauty to the landscape.

The historic mantles and mansions constructed there since 1800, in combination with the natural grace of the area, create a total of a painting, ready to be imprinted in images!

As a sky artist, you can’t miss this portrait!


The city of Portage is fortunate to have one of the most beautiful parks one can visit in the USA.

Pauquette Park is located on the west side of town and is probably the most scenic park in Portage.

The park was named after Pierre Pauquette, a prominent fur trader and interpreter for the French and native Americans who operated a ferry from 1828 to 1857.

Nature blends wonderfully with human intervention and crafts an outstanding result!

Get your drone ready for some mind-blowing pictures!

3. South Shore Park – Milwaukee


The land of Giannis and the Bucks but also the land where earth, water, and sky assemble an inconceivable combination!

Located on the shores of Lake Michigan in Milwaukee, featuring an open beach area and an incredible skyline, South Shore Park is ready to rock your drone’s world.

The open beach is a great place for drones to film shimmering waters, dancing yachts, and ripraps. Plus, the far-reaching views of downtown Milwaukee’s skyline create a breathtaking view.

If you are up for a challenge, try filming some bobbing yachts. They look so cute from the sky!

4. Veterans Park – Milwaukee

Did you enjoy the beauties of South Shore Park?


Don’t pack your things yet.

Milwaukee has another gift for you!

This time history has to be honored!

Sitting on the shores of Lake Michigan, Veterans Park honors the men and women that proudly served their country, featuring a respectful memorial.

Drone pilots love it for its open lawns, tall trees, stunning views of lakes, lagoons, and boats. Milwaukee’s skyline is clearly visible and reflects regally into the lake on windless days. The park is likewise famous for boating, kayaking, and Oak Leaves trail enthusiasts.

Nearby also lies the Art Museum, an architectural work of art that is definitely worth captivating by a restless spirit like yourself!

History, Modernism, Nature. If it was a whiskey, it would definitely be a special reserve one!

5. LAKE WISCONSIN – Columbia and Sauk Counties

Lake Wisconsin is a reservoir on the Wisconsin River in Southern Wisconsin!

Formed by the construction of a dam at Prairie du Sac in 1911, the lake is “a place to fly” for any drone pilot fan!

The lake provides flood control and is a popular destination for recreational boating and fishing.

As for drone pilots looking for some adventure, Wisconsin Lake has a lot to offer, especially if you decide to fly your drone near the dam.
Intrigued already?

Can’t wait to see your smile after the takeoff! That’s when you ‘ll realize the endless beauty of the lake and its sceneries.


Wisconsin is the -place to be for any drone pilot, with limitless flying options in so many areas!

Don’t miss a single minute! Start your flying adventure right away and who knows… Most likely during your journey, you’ll discover many more places that will become your favorites!

Just don’t forget to send us some pictures!
We can’t wait to see them!