High-Quality photo and video

Accurate and Efficient Data

Reduced liability

Commercial Drone services

Hawk-Eye Visuals is a universal drone service; whether you need creative or analytical work, we aim to embrace the future of aerial technology.

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Time to get creative. Whether you’re looking to differentiate your content or add some spice to your videos, we have your back.

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Aerial Construction Monitoring

Are you starting a new construction project? Or have one in progress? Safely keep your construction projects on time, on track, and on budget.

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Aerial Visual Inspection

If you need something inspected but don’t want to deal with the liability, a drone will go where humans can’t, saving you time and money.

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Why use uavs or drones

> Safety: Access unsafe, hard-to-reach, or hazardous areas without putting people and/or equipment at risk. 

> Timeliness: Efficiently decrease the time from data collection to decision-making. 

> Accuracy: The data gathered via drones is better than traditional collection methods.

> High-Quality Data: Archive magnitudes of images and/or videos documenting conditions at precise points in time.

> Data Archive: Aerial imaging supplies easily archived and readily available data.

> Frequency: Acquire access to more data points to improve decision-making.

> Cost-Savings: Much less costly than conventional data collection techniques.

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Hawk Eye Visuals was engaged to do some drone work at our 330,000 square foot facility in Wrightstown, Wisconsin. Not only was the work delivered on time, but the communication was impressive, the quality of the video was superb, and the operator really knew how to shine some awesome light on our operations!

– Steve Hamilton Founder of SD Wheel Corp